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EtherCIS Components

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On a high level point of view, EtherCIS main components are depicted as follows:


  • JETTY: is the HTTP server and servlet container.
  • Shiro: provides a security framework for authentication and authorization
  • JOOQ: allows to deal with SQL in a very elegant manner
  • DBPC2 is the JDBC connection pooling
  • JDBC is a common database connectivity API
  • POSTGRESQL is the DB engine by EtherCIS since it does blend relational and schema-less objects queryable by SQL
  • Think!EHR this library is a temporary fix (non open source). It supports encoding/decoding into the Think!EHR FLAT JSON format

The following are required PostgreSQL extensions

  • jsquery is an extension allowing to perform JSONB object querying with a comprehensive set of operators
  • temporal_tables this extension provides object versioning as required by openEHR
  • ltree is a native postgresql type to represent tree-like hierarchical objects. It is used to resolve the CONTAINS AQL clause.

EtherCIS components

EtherCIS modules are distributed in three high level build packages:

  • CORE: these modules perform all required openEHR persistence and query operations (AQL).
  • VEHR: contains services wrapping the core components into a REST API framework
  • ECISQL: this is the experimental implementation to query openEHR RM persisted objects using GraphQL

Core components

The core modules are located in the repository ehrservice

  • core: fundamental operations and encoding of OpenEhr entities
  • ehrdao: persistence of OpenEhr entities using a mixed model (relational/NoSql)
  • knowledge-cache: caching of OpenEhr knowledge models (operational templates in particular)
  • aql-processor: two passes SQL translation and query execution
  • jooq-pg: utility module, binds ethercis table to jOOQ/Postgresql 9.4
  • transform: utility to handle db JSON encoded data into RAW json. Since the format is not yet final, this module will be enhanced at a later stage
  • validation: gather and cache constraints from operational templates. Perform data validation (both structurally and elementary)

VEHR components

The REST API service framework modules are in repository VirtualEhr

  • Authenticate Service: logic associated to users credential (authentication). Uses Shiro security framework.
  • Composition Service deals with all CRUD operation for openEHR RM composition
  • Ehr Service deals with EHR and EHR_STATUS openEHR RM objects
  • Knowledge Service performs operations related to the Knowledge Cache (operational templates)
  • Logon Service handles login/logout and session management. It is associated to the SecurityManager Service
  • ServiceSecurityManager does the link with the security framework
  • Party Identifier Service interfaces CRUD operations with an external identity service
  • Query Service is a simple interface to perform SQL and AQL queries
  • Resource Access Service: resources consists in the actual DB backend and Knowledge Cache. This is a system service used by all CRUD and Query interfaces
  • Service Manager: this is the service manager. It provides the common attributes and methods to all services including session management etc.
  • System Service is a simple CRUD interface to deal with System objects
  • VEhr Service is the main REST API gateway.

GraphQL components