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Overview of EtherCIS

We want some things to be boringly simple so we can do exciting things with them – John D. Cook

Welcome to the EtherCIS Enterprise Grade Data Repository

EtherCIS (Ethereal Clinical Information System) is an Open Source platform compatible with the openEHR clinical information representation standard.

EtherCIS supports

EtherCIS uses extensively the PostgreSQL database not only for persistence but also to implement openEHR essential capabilities including

Other EtherCIS features include

  • Validation of data based on openEHR constraint model
  • Remote monitoring of the platform using
    • Webmin
    • JMX (NB. since Oracle strategy on JMX is not quite clear, a JMX compatible alternative is planned)
  • Pre-packaged Docker container

At the time of this writing, EtherCIS security and confidentiality has been left open since it is strongly site dependent. Nevertheless, authentication and authorization is implemented to support various schemes.

The same remark applies to demographics.

EtherCIS is available under Apache 2.0 license.